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BATS Wireless

BATS integrates directional antennas (flat panel and dish antennas) with a proprietary pan/tilt mechanism, which can aim the antenna in any direction. This allows the systems to automatically search for other wireless access points (by mechanically moving the antenna in a search pattern, and monitoring radio signal strength with antenna position), then automatically aiming the antenna at the distant wireless access point. This allows the vehicle, vessel, or tower to instantly and automatically establish a high‐bandwidth wireless network link.

In addition, this allows high‐bandwidth wireless networks to be deployed instantly without the need for specialized technical personnel. Once the wireless network link is established, the BATS system continuously monitors the network performance and signal strength, and incrementally repositions the antenna automatically to maintain optimal wireless network throughput. This also allows the vehicle or vessel to move, even at high speeds, while maintaining an uninterrupted broadband wireless network link. This capability has enabled many new communication and data management processes in industries that operate in environments that do not have a network infrastructure such as marine and offshore operations, as well as command and control operations in hostile or remote locations. In addition to BATS units on vehicles and vessels, the BATS systems can be mounted on towers and other high‐points to automatically establish maintain high bandwidth networks and provide real‐time fail‐over and network recovery.