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Business Solutions
: D-Link switching and connectivity products are a dominant force in business environments, delivering increased network performance and scalability, while decreasing costs over time for the information technology (IT) manager and decision maker.  D-Link delivers powerful solutions for deploying or upgrading to Gigabit Ethernet throughout an entire network including server farms, ISP backbone and campus-wide connectivity.

Broadband: As broadband provides rapidly growing numbers of consumers with high-speed access to the Internet, D-Link continues to offer core connectivity devices and next-generation interactive media solutions.

Internet service providers know their future depends on the ability to increase revenue from customer subscriptions and value-added services. D-Link utilizes its wide range of relationships with major service providers, presenting an extensive set of viable network extension and connectivity options for the service provider. These options include home networking, media streaming, content delivery, IP-based remote security monitoring, firewall protection, VoIP and videoconferencing technology.

Consumer and Home: D-Link has successfully extended its Digital Home campaign with numerous product introductions that deliver next-generation networking, storage, multimedia, gaming, VoIP and security solutions for the mass market consumer. The D-Link Digital Home strategy looks to where the consumer market is heading to deliver new entertainment and communication devices that are easy to use and of exceptional value.