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Exalt Communications

Exalt is widely recognized for developing the first carrier-class TDD radios and was one of the first and still one of only a few manufacturers offering both native TDM and native Ethernet transport on the same technology platform. The company's product portfolio includes a wide range of licensed and license-exempt radios supporting bands from 2 - 43 GHz and all configurations including all-indoor, all-outdoor, and split-mount. Exalt has over 300 product certifications in 40 countries and is the only microwave radio manufacturer offering a comprehensive line of both licensed and license-exempt products.

Exalt sells its products worldwide through its authorized channel partners and distributors.The company has a large and diverse base of customers including tier-1 and tier-2 mobile operators and wireline carriers, as well as government agency and enterprise customers including Fortune 1000 companies, schools, hospitals, railroads, and utilities.

Exalt microwave radio systems are designed to address the specific connectivity and backhaul challenges faced by network planners and IT managers in dozens of industries. With presence in over 40 countries and customers including Tier 1 mobile network operators, government and public safety agencies, utilities, ISPs, and enterprises from midsize to multinational, Exalt microwave radio systems meet the diverse and evolving requirements of networks worldwide. Our team of microwave technology experts continues to push the leading edge of the innovation curve enabling Exalt to deliver systems that provide the highest level of functionality at the lowest total cost of ownership.