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MARS Antennas


MARS specializes in outdoor & in-building multi polarized antennas. The subscriber & base station antennas are used in LTE, WiMAX, Mobile, MIMO, WLAN and Wi-Fi systems. MARS SISO and MIMO antennas cover frequency ranges from 138 MHz and up to 12 GHz.MARS antennas are designed for fixed and mobile, stand-alone or embedded applications.

-  MARS' expertise is in developing and manufacturing antennas based on printed circuit antennas called Flat or Flat Panel Arrays.

-  MARS owns an in-house anechoic chamber, which allows the development and quality control of high quality products.

-  MARS products include standalone connectorized antennas and integrated custom antenna solutions per customer requirements.

-  MARS R&D and production facility support both very large projects with tens of thousands of units as well as small size opportunities when a special custom solution is needed.  

-  MARS customers include many of the leading OEM's, wireless carriers, distributors and wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP).

-  MARS antennas installations provide reliable coverage in major airports, government facilities, hospitals, enterprise networks, industrials, Aeronautics etc.


Learn more about MARS Antennas with this video!!

MARS Video