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NSM Surveillance

NSMS systems give its customers an unmatched level of surveillance capability using overt or covert systems. These systems are small, quiet, can see long distances, and transmit high quality images to remote viewers and recording systems. In fact, the Army's Training and Doctrine Command assessed our system in Iraq to be so capable that they recommended its fielding Army-wide. NSMS is a superior source for conceiving, designing, and fielding covert and overt surveillance systems using a broad range of COTS hardware and software and our own proprietary camera positioning systems that enable us to conceal video cameras in plain sight. Additional information and descriptions of our systems, and an on-going citywide system in Baltimore, MD is available in the secure portion of our web site.

NSMS develops and integrates surveillance and sensor technology into products and systems that provide clear situational awareness to the war fighter, the investigator, the commander and/or senior leadership. Clear situational awareness enables effective tactics and decision-making. Our solutions incorporate both internally developed IP systems and third party technology. That technology covers items like secure communications links (microwave, IP radio, cellular, satellite), mobile surveillance units, command & control software and overt/covert camera systems. Our surveillance units provide surveillance images in environments ranging from total darkness up to targets more than one mile away.