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Redline Communications

Broadband wireless solutions by Redline can transform your business by turning your network into a significant competitive asset. Our broadband wireless solutions help you to improve your operational efficiency, protect your vital assets, deliver new services to your customers and grow your business.

Wireless Backhaul: Seamlessly connect remote sites thanks to our longest range, highest throughput and lowest latency. Secure communications with FIPS 140-2 certified Redline radios, the stringent security required by federal government and military customers.

Wireless Video Surveillance: Enhance public safety and homeland security; protect employees, customers, property and vital assets, and improve operations with Redline wireless networks. Cover more area with more video surveillance cameras and get the highest quality video with fewer radios thanks to Redline's high performance video surveillance.

Wireless Data Acquisition: Redline's radio platforms with specialized data acquisition software easily extends SCADA, AMI and sensor coverage across all your facilities. Redline's extreme range and high performance lets you install data acquisition systems in areas where cable or fiber installation costs are prohibitive, or where no rights-of-way exist.