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TAG Global Systems



The TAG TECSLATE has cutting-edge features that bring technology and innovation to a whole new level. It has features that can meet any users expectations. The TAG TECSLATE comes in two sizes 65" and 84" and is an interactive touchscreen flat panel device with an on-board WiFi enabled Windows 7 PC. The device is the most intuitive way to communicate or teach. It has an Intel i7 processor with 16GB of memory, and 1TB of on-board storage. The display is an LCD multi 10-touch screen with tempered glass. It comes standard with WiFi, Bluetooth, Blu ray DVD, HD camera, keyboard, stylus set, wall mount, and comprehensive remote. The device is universal and custom to fit any setting to use in educational, business, communication, or multimedia environment.




TAG SAFE is a revolutionary cleaning system specifically made for law enforcement professionals, public safety, governmental agencies, and other public sectors. The cleaning applications safely remove and dispose of biological contamination. The product provides a proper infection control system that simultaneously provides a large scale of prevention to dissolve, disinfect, and protect for proper safe disposal.

TAG TECSLATE white paper