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UCOPIA empowers organisations to  monetise their Wi-Fi infrastructure . We safely and securely connect visitors, guests, customers and audiences to any Wi-Fi network and we enable businesses, stadiums and cities to communicate with their users.

UCOPIA connects organisations to their mobile users. We  CONNECT  our clients to their users, make  hotspots MANAGEABLE, make services easy to  DEPLOY,  COLLECT  information on users,  ANALYSE  how people use the wireless network, and help our clients  MONETISE  their Wi-Fi and  ENGAGE  with their customers.

Our goal is to help our clients unlock the potential of their Wi-Fi Network. We do this  with ease, simplicity and intuitive design.

UCOPIA has grown a solid network of resellers and distributors worldwide and and from its headquarters in Paris now manages operations in  Denver, London, Milan and Köln. With over 450 million users connected on UCOPIA portals last year alone and a steady financial growth of 50% year over year, UCOPIA's place as a Pure Player in access management is secure.