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McCown Technology

WB products improve the entire WISP experience.  Products include:

  • Stinger® Family
  • SuperStinger™ antennas
  • WBM Optic Series antennas


The Optic Series antennas work with all popular ODU/Radios and licensed frequencies. One antenna installation will suffice as the dual pol 5.8 feedhorn can be used as a starter. As link requirements increase, single pol unlicensed radios can be changed for MIMO/dual pol unlicensed radios. Then as capacity needs increased the unlicensed feedhorn can be changed for licensed use with virtually any brand of radio/ODU or frequency. All antennas include a high performance solid molded radome.

Specifications and Features:
• Compatible with Cambium PTP 800, DragonWave and SAF licensed radios
• Frequency: 11,13,18,23 & 24 GHz
• ODU RF Unit Direct Mounting-Virtually all ODU radio makes and models
• Quick change in Feed Horns/Change Frequencies in a "Snap"
• Molded Radome Included
• Low cost Antenna Solution
• Ten year warranty-Longest in the Industry

The Optic Series antennas:

  • Pre-Rigged - Each unit comes ready to hoist with a pre-attached hoisting bracket.
  • Telescopic Aiming - One person can set up both ends. No faster nor more accurate method for accurate aiming antennas. (Patent Pending)
  • Universal Radio Mount - Works with all common ODU style radios as well as remote waveguide radios.
  • Interchangeable Feedhorns - Start with unlicensed operation and move to licensed without changing antennas.
  • Antennas are stocked and mated with feedhorns at time of order. No more waiting on antennas to ship.
  • All antennas are High Performance - HP radome included with each unit.
  • Low Cost - It is the value leader