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At Zebra, wireless is part of our DNA, in fact, we helped set the standard. You can track our heritage back to the 1990's when we co-authored the 802.11 standard and developed the very first wireless LAN switch.
Our industry-leading Wireless LAN solutions deliver reliable, secure, high-performance networking with options designed to support the complex needs of large and small to mid-size enterprises across Retail/Hospitality, Manufacturing, T&L, Education and more.  Our WiNG distributed architecture runs the same operating system in all wireless network elements (Zebra access points and controllers), creates a very communicative, self-aware network that shares information between elements, adapts quickly to changes in the environment, and assists clients in the roaming decision so that clients experience the highest performance possible as they move freely within the network coverage area. Some of the key differentiators of the Zebra platform include:



Single OS on all network elements

Many architecture options, One network interface

Access Points that talk to each other and share information

Faster roaming, Superior WAN utilization

Intelligence at the edge

Eliminates single point of failure; Superior voice and video performance

Full site survivability during WAN or controller outage

No loss in system performance or functionality

Comprehensive portfolio

Greater flexibility
The right solution for any deployment--indoors or out

Zero-Touch AP provisioning

Faster, easier deployment; Hot-Swappable APs

L2-L3 stateful firewall at the edge

Block broadcast/multicast storms
Protection against ARP/DHCP Spoofing

SmartRF is application aware

RF Adjusts to dynamic conditions without affecting VoIP--provides best service to all clients at all times

Superior resiliency with best-in-class wireless security

At the edge, at the core--Full coverage to ensure the highest level of security and compliance


Transforming existing phone lines into a high speed network- T5 PowerBroadband
The T5 PowerBroadband leverages the telephone-grade wire already in the walls of your building to transform old copper wire into a high-speed network for extended wireless and wired networks. Designed for rapid and tamper-proof installation, T5 broadband is an affordable option to support higher capacity growth of network devices and new hotel services.

Zebra NSight Platform
The wireless LAN has become a crucial key to business success, providing the real-time data that streamlines everyday business processes, improves customer service and reduces the opportunity for errors that can result in reduced profitability, lost sales and lost customers. In order to achieve the level of reliability you require, you need to understand the state of the health of your network at all times. You need the right information to troubleshoot and resolve issues. And you need information to properly budget and plan for network expansion as needed to maintain peak wireless performance as you add users and applications. The Zebra NSight platform delivers it all.


MPACT- Location Based Services
MPact is the only indoor locationing platform to unify Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Smart technology, improving locationing accuracy, while allowing you to connect to the most possible customers and capture more analytics and insight. Service is re-defined through impactful interactions with customers via the one device they almost always have in hand - their mobile phone. The result? Instant visibility into where customers are in your facility - and the ability to automatically take the best action to best serve each customer at any time during their visit.

WLAN Services
In order to ensure our customers are able to maximize equipment performance by staying up-to-date on software fixes, updates, upgrades and other maintenance releases ("Software Support"), Zebra has created the opportunity for its customers to purchase a software support contract as part of Zebra's comprehensive service offering or on a standalone basis.  We value the opportunity to serve you and provide you the very best service and support.