Transtector Systems ALPU-F140 GbE, PoE++ Data Line Surge Protector

Transtector Systems ALPU-F140 GbE, PoE++ Data Line Surge Protector





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WAV supplies the Transtector Systems ALPU Fit data surge protector. Transtector Gigabit Ethernet/PoE++ surge protector / suppressor provides protection for your electronic equipment and supports long-term system reliability by absorbing high amounts of transient energy. This industrial Gigabit Ethernet/PoE++ surge protection device for data line applications helps prevent damage from energy spikes that can be caused by lightning and other strong electrical power. The TVSS / transient voltage surge suppression device for Gigabit Ethernet/PoE++ can act as a lightning surge arrestor as well as an electrical overvoltage spike protection unit. Surge protector device for dataline equipment part number ALPU-F140 from Transtector is designed to protect Gigabit Ethernet/PoE++ from transient voltage power spikes. This commercial Gigabit Ethernet/PoE++ surge protector provides high quality electrical surge suppressor protection. The data surge protection unit is rated for outdoor use.

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