WAV LLC is a distributor for the Positron Access G.hn G1002-M+ MIMO to Gigabit Ethernet Bridge. 802.3af GigE. Power from GAM. 802.3at requires AC power. eCommerce Product Detail WAV

Positron Access G1002-M+ G.hn (MIMO) To Gigabit Ethernet Bridge, 802.3af (POE 15W) GigE, Powered From GAM, 802.3 at Requires AC Power

SKU: G1002-M+

Price: $165.00

G.hn (Mimo) to Gigabit Ethernet Bridge. 2 GE Ports. Supports Trunk Mode (4,000+ VLANs). AC-DC 48v Wall adapter included. POE/POE+ (802.3af = 15.4W / 802.3at = 30W) capable