WAV LLC supplies the SIAE Microelettronica ASNK ODU ASNK6L HP HB ODU B. eCommerce Product Detail WAV



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WAV LLC supplies the SIAE Microelettronica ASNK ODU ASNK6L HP HB ODU B.

AGS20 series is the state of art microwave radio solution and the next Generation Indoor Unit for split Mount Radio, capable of addressing traditional split mount application with multiple IF radio, as well as aggregation of multiple all out door radio solutions, or a mix of the solutions. AGS20 include three physical mechanical arrangements to satisfy simple point to point needs to the most complex sites including nodal configurations and scaling capacity in line with network growth. The IDU can support a variety of interfaces with a mix of GE and Radio IF interfaces, for maximum flexibility when interconnecting heterogeneous technologies.

AGS20 is a fully integrated single box solution. It offers a complete range of interfaces: Radio, 10/2.5/1 Gigabit/Fast Ethernet, E1 both native and pseudo wire and STM-1. AGS20 can support up to four IF interfaces, allowing the set up a four direction nodal solution in a single rack unit IDU, or Radio LAG over 4x ODUs, with best cost/performance relationship. AGS20 minimizes space consumption without renouncing to functionalities.

• Modulation up to 4096 QAM

• Channel spacing up to 112 MHz

• Lower than 2 litre volume for easier installation

• Multicarrier Aggregation for Hybrid Link, applicable to any ASNK ODU variant (standard licensed frequency band and a millimeter wave 80 GHz band)