Telrad Networks BreezeWAY 2020 EPC HW packed for low scale deployments - either cell-site or centralized. Includes initial SW license for 150 subscribers.
Provides the same functional capabilities as a full-scale BreezeWAY 2020.

This PN is used as an initial EPC HW & SW license (for 150 subscribers) and may scale up to 1,000 subs with 50 subs activation license (PN 715635) and with 500 subs activation license (PN 715603) above 1,000 subs up to 10,000 subs.

If L2 Services and/ or AAA IWK Activation Licenses are used (PNs 715633 and 715634), then, when scaling beyond 1,000 subscribers, the corresponding BW-2020 PNs 715613 and/ or 715614 must be purchased. The customer will be refunded for PNs 715633/ 715634.

SKU: 700280-CS

Price: $6,000.00