Top Benefits of Remote Power Management with ICT

Increase Network Performance

  • Increase network uptime with higher quality-of-service to customers.
  • Simultaneously charge a battery and power multiple devices, even at two different voltages.

Improve Network Reliability

  • Provide N+ l redundancy and power sharing with seamless transition to a backup system in the event of a power outage.
  • When operating in backup battery mode, disconnect non-critical devices to ensure the critical elements maintain power longer.

Reduce Costs and Complexity

  • Advanced backup battery metrics including state of charge and run-time remaining.
  • Avoid unnecessary physical site visits to resolve an issue. In many cases, problems can be resolved by simply changing the state of an affected device over the Internet.

Enhance Network Visibility

  • Support for HTML and SMTP to simplify the network management integration with existing systems.
  • Email alarm reporting provides peace of mind and allows for quick intervention to resolve issues and keep network power and network devices on line.

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