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WAV and MBSI WAV are Preferred Wi-Fi Technology Distributors

Since 1999, WAV and MBSI WAV have been preferred Wi-Fi technology distributors, selling the first 802.11b products to market. Today, as the market adopts Wi-Fi6 and Wi-Fi6e technologies, with Wi-Fi7 just around the corner, Wi-Fi speeds are starting to reach multi-gigabit (GB) markers, making 11mbps of 1999 look like child’s play with outdoor and indoor Wi-Fi solutions abound. Our teams work closely with our managed service providers, resellers, and integrators to not only bring the most relevant Wi-Fi technology to each application, but we also provide the services and resources needed for a successful implementation.

Wi-Fi technology has been globally adopted in both indoor and outdoor venues to bring voice, video and data communication to our businesses, medical offices, schools, hotels, senior living communities, dormitories, and many more multi-dwelling facilities, and is the backbone by which we communicate, allowing applications for IOT (Internet of Things), VoIP (Voice over IP), IP video surveillance as well as many others. As consumer devices continue to push the pace in offering the latest and greatest Wi-Fi technology, venues with obsolete networks look to us and our partners to solve their most complex gigabit wireless challenges.

WAV and MBSI WAV have the largest and most consistent stocking position in the Wi-Fi technology market, and your dedicated sales representative is engaged by taking a responsive, communicative, and pro-active approach to your business, acting as a gateway to a wide breadth of supply chain, finance, engineering, and logistical resources unrivaled by our peers. We have helped our partners reach gigabit wireless speeds for their most crucial Wi-Fi 6 applications. Not only do we provide the hardware necessary to achieve gigabit wireless speeds, but we also offer a wide breadth of planning solutions to ensure the Wi-Fi technology our customers adopt is engineering right the first time.

Ekahau, a leading manufacturer of industry standard tools to plan and manage Wi-Fi technology and networks, offers a product suite of software for site planning, as well as the Ekahau Sidekick, a precise, plug-and-play Wi-Fi diagnostic and measurement device for professional site-survey results. Ekahau is the gold standard in planning Wi-Fi connectivity. Contact your WAV dedicated sales rep today for more information.

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