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Multi-user connectivity and multi-device connectivity are essential for multiple dwelling unit (MDU) properties

Apartment buildings, condominium complexes, dormitories, senior living, and retirement communities are a few examples of MDU properties that demand high-performing Wi-Fi and Internet technology.

On average, North American households have more than 10 devices connected to the Internet. Now imagine living in an apartment building with over 300 residents and having to connect to the Internet. 20 teenagers are playing games on their smartphone, 50 families are streaming Netflix, 60 kids are playing X-Box, 80 parents are shopping online, and 100 adults are working remotely. Without the best MDU Internet solutions you would not be able to connect to the Internet to do any of those things.

WAV and MBSI WAV take distribution to the next level by partnering with the top manufacturers to provide these properties with fiber like speeds for indoor and outdoor MDU Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity. Our three combined teams are focused on forecasting, planning, and have the combined purchasing capacity for even the largest of MDU deployments.

We supply complete MDU Internet solutions that keep residents and their guests connected. Like all networks, MDU properties require fast and reliable Internet services. Network management tools that monitor and maintain connection while providing visibility and mitigating risk are essential. RUCKUS Networks is a premier MDU Wi-Fi solutions manufacturer, and our team of experts can help ensure each MDU tenant obtains the highest performing Wi-Fi network possible.

Our dedicated sales representatives often recommend the RUCKUS Networks H550 indoor access point for MDU deployments. The RUCKUS H550 wall-mounted access point, IoT gateway and Ethernet switch makes it easy to support the most demanding in-room connectivity requirements and delivers the industry's highest-performing wireless connectivity. Learn about the benefits of RUCKUS MDU Wi-Fi solutions here.

Our team is ready to answer your questions about MDU Internet Solutions. Contact us today to discuss the best MDU technology for your next project with one of our sales representatives.

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