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Long Term Evolution

Private LTE (long term evolution) Networks Share Spectrum to Coordinate Frequency use for a Variety of Applications

As an LTE distributor, our teams not only stock the private LTE products needed for your network, but we also provide certification training and pre-sales engineering services to ensure your teams understand everything about your network, including transmit devices, the role of an EPC (Evolved Packet Core), as well as SAS (Spectrum Access System) products in CBRS environments.    

Private LTE (long term evolution) networks utilize shared spectrum to coordinate frequency use for a variety of applications and benefits, including having a locally managed network instead of reliance on a major carrier/service provider, dedicated equipment instead of equipment shared with other traffic/users and a network that’s optimized for local services, and unrivaled network security.  

For users concerned about network security, the benefits of using private LTE solutions are numerous, including the ability to lock a SIM or eSIM to a specific device. Secondarily, over the air encryption is achieved at the transmit level via radios that use symmetric-key cryptography to authenticate each user device. Lastly, core network security is unrivaled with private LTE networks as PLTE leverages IPsec tunnels between the eNode (radio) and the core network software (EPC) components over the user, control and management plane data, which terminates at a security gateway that sits at the border of a trusted area.

Unclear where private long term evolution is right for your application? WAV and MBSI WAV have seen our partners succeed in implementing PLTE solutions for secure in-building wireless access, in-store experiences (credit card processing applications, IOT), healthcare, theft mitigation as well as stadium deployments. Leverage our team’s help to design your network to ensure all your connectivity goals are met and exceeded.  

The Baicells Nova846 is an advanced two-carrier outdoor eNodeB (eNB) that is compliant with 3GPP LTE TDD technology and is one piece to providing a cost-effective, carrier grade technology solution for a fraction of the price. Baicells offers their customers a complete turnkey private LTE solution, including core, radio, end user device and SIMs. This easy to deploy LTE solution doesn’t require manufacturer engineers onsite with every deployment, and their simple design architecture allows for easy installation with limited bill of materials. Their worldwide standardized technology ensures interoperability and future proofing.  

WAV and MBSI WAV have the largest and most consistent stocking position in the PLTE (Private LTE) market, and your dedicated sales representative is engaged by taking a responsive, communicative, and pro-active approach to your business, acting as a gateway to a wide breadth of supply chain, finance, engineering, and logistical resources unrivaled by our peers.

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