Tarana Wireless Leasing Offer

Get the Latest Wireless Technology at a Manageable Monthly Payment

For new customers who have never purchased Tarana before from anyone, take advantage of this special leasing program to get Tarana equipment with flexible funding options. Whether you’re expanding your network, waiting for grant funding, or avoiding high interest rates, this might just be for you.

  • 12 equal monthly payments
  • 0% interest
  • $1 buyout at the end of the lease
  • Transfer of title of equipment and licenses upon buyout
  • Leasing contract agreement will be executed through Leaf Commercial Capital
  • Multiple bundles can be purchased

Valid only through 9/30/24. Other limitations apply - Contact us for more details.


Products 3GHz Bundle 5GHz Bundle 6GHz Bundle
Base Nodes (BN) 2 2 2
Remote Nodes (RN) 50 48 50
Hardware Accessories Included Included Included
Software Management Support (SMS) 3-Year Licenses 50 48 50
G1 Speed Unlock Perpetual Licenses 50 48 50
Monthly Lease Payment $6,463.43 $5,544.00 $5,790.92

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