ICT Intelligent 1RU Power Shelf, Dual-Breaker Battery Management Module, Load Distribution Module 1400W (Negative)

Intelligent 1U Power Shelf with Dual-Breaker Battery Management Module and Load Distribution Module (--48V)





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WAV supplies the Innovative Circuit Technology intelligent 1RU power shelf with integrated control module, 1400 watts maximum (-48/24 VDC). 100A dual-breaker battery management module with low voltage disconnect and four position intelligent load distribution module.

The ICT Modular Power Series system provides flexible, managed DC power for a broad range of communications and broadband applications. The foundation is the power shelf and 700 watt high efficiency power modules. A number of optional factory-installed modules can be selected to provide TCP/IP monitoring and control, advanced battery management features, battery breakers, low voltage disconnects, and four-position breaker-protected power distribution including load current monitoring and remote power cycling over Ethernet. Provides N+1 redundancy with 700 watt hot swappable 48 or 24 volt power modules. The power shelf can accomodate one to four power modules and one or two accessory modules. A dedicated slot holds the optional intelligent control module for full TCP/IP remote monitoring and control. When combined with the optional battery management module, the intelligent control module also provides advanced battery functions including battery state of charge, estimated run time remaining, and battery discharge testing.

Feature Highlights:

• Intelligent power shelf with fully integrated Intelligent control module provides remote monitoring and control of DC power system over Ethernet

• High resolution OLED display with intelligent front panel controls fully integrated into power shelf

• TCP / IP remote Ethernet communications

•Hot swappable 700 watt, high efficiency +/- 48 or 24 VDC power modules

• Accommodates optional battery management module and load distribution module in 1RU space

• Advanced battery management features

Integrated 150 amp low voltage disconnect

• Single or dual 100 amp battery disconnect circuit breakers

• Four fully managed load outputs can be power cycled individually

• Adjustable alarm and load-shed settings for each output

• 2 year warranty

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