NetPoint 6GHz 3FT Parabolic Dual Polarity Antenna

32dBi includes pigtail N-F to SMA-M





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Compatible with Cambium Networks ePMP 4600! NetPoint's NP6-DP3FT super high performance dish antenna is designed to work with very high performance in both licensed and unlicensed bands with excellent gain. The NP6-DP-3FT model has dual polarization and an N-female connector, as well as exceptional VSRW performance in the 5.9 to 7.2 GHz operating band. The antenna comes pre-assembled and ready to install, as well as an integrated radome for high performance and reliable operation in the most demanding conditions. This 3-foot parabolic antenna can be used for PTP backhaul, CPE and public safety applications.

Compatible Radio Units

The NP6-DP antenna is compatible with the Cambium Networks Force 4600C radio.

Product Features:

  • Gain of up to 32dBi with low VSWR and high port isolation across the entire
  • 5.9 - 7.2GHz band
  • One antenna that covers 6GHz and 7Ghz
  • Reduced interference with > 50dB minimum front to back
  • Simplifies installation on site and guarantees “factory-tested” quality
  • Connector type N-Female

Product Includes:

  • 2x Pigtails of N-RPSMA pigtails for free
  • 1x Radome
  • Stiff arm

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