SIAE ALFOPlus 18GHz Link, 100 Mbps Full Duplex Capacity, Software Upgradeable To 400 Mbps, Sub Band 1, 1 Year Warranty

SIAE ALFOPlus 18GHz Link, 100 Mbps Full Duplex Capacity, Software Upgradeable To 400 Mbps, Sub Band 1 (17700 - 18140 MHz / 19260 - 19700 MHz), 1+0 Software, BPSK To 1024QAM, 2x Electrical GbE Ports, 1 Year Warranty




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WAV supplies the SIAE Microelettronica ALFOPlus 18GHz 100 Mbps full duplex capacity link. This unit is software upgradeable to 400 Mbps, and operates in Sub Band 1 (17700 - 18140 MHz / 19260 - 19700 MHz). This unit comes with 1+0 software, BPSK to 1024QAM modulation, 2x electrical GbE ports, and a 1 year warranty.

High Capacity IP Ethernet Full Outdoor

ALFOplus is a Full-Outdoor, full IP Next Generation Microwave Radio. Its zero-footprint solution allows for fast rollouts of LTE full IP backhaul networks. Ideal for a fast and flexible evolution toward full IP networks, it offers best in class performance and the lowest power consumption for a green but performing network.

ALFOplus combines compactness, best in class performance, and lowest power consumption in a single efficient and cost-effective full-outdoor device. It offers up to 1Gbps transport capacity also liaising over higher modulation schemes of 1024 QAM. ALFOplus is optimized for TCP/IP transport compliant with LTE traffic needs including packet synchronization techniques.

Main Features

• 4 QAM to 1024 QAM modulation

• Hitless Adaptive Code Modulation

• MultiLayer Header Compression

• 1 Gbits throughput radio

• Best in Class for SystemGain

• FCC/ETSI Channels supported

• Advanced Pure IP engine

• CISCO Microwave Adaptive Bandwidth feature interworking

• Synchronous Ethernet support

• IEEE 1588 v2 support

• Extended buffer for TCP/IP efficiency in LTE networks

• Optical or Electrical port options

• Lowest power consumption

• Integrated antennas up to 1.8m (6ft)

• Network Management System: NMS5

• SDN Microwave Domain Controller: SM-DC

Layer 2 Main Functionalities

• MEF-9 and MEF-14 compliant

• 8 queues with flexible scheduler (Strict WFQ and mixed)

• Flexible QoS definition based on VLAN, IPv4, IPv6, MPLS exp bits

• Per queue WRED congestion avoidance

• Flow Based Ingress Policing CIR & EIR definition)

• Flow Control IEEE 802.3x

• RMON Statistic management

• VLAN/VLAN Stacking (IEEE 802.1q with QinQ)

• Link Aggregation IEEE 802.3ad

• ETH OAM IEEE 802.1ag/ITU-T Y 1731

• Jumbo Frames up to 10 Kbytes

Typical Applications

• Any-G Mobile Backhaul for Access and aggregation

• ISP High Capacity LAN to LAN connections

• Last Mile fiber extension for business customers

• Emergency wireless links

• Complementary solution to fiber deploy

• Zero footprint applications

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