Tarana Wireless 5GHz Remote Node (RN) 100 Mbps Perpetual License

5.8 GHz Remote Node (RN) 100 Mbps Perpetual License





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Tarana's design for the G1 remote node combines the ease of mobile macro-cellular radio access network deployment with a simple network architecture common in fixed access.

The G1 platform includes compact base nodes (BN), each a single integrated package that includes antennas, PAs, several teraflops of digital signal processing, managed Ethernet switching, and 10G optical network interfaces) communicating with up to 256 similarly self-contained remote notes (RN), Tarana's customer premise equipment, per Base Node. Remote Nodes are powered over an Ethernet cable run into the structure they serve.

Product Features

  • Dual carrier 2x40MHz
  • 2x2 MIMO
  • Up to 800Mbps aggregate throughput per link
  • Full Tx/Rx digital beamforming with custom silicon integrated chip
  • Auto antenna alignment
  • PoE powered

What's in the box?

  • Tarana G1 5.8GHz Remote Node (RN)
  • Ethernet cable gland

What's sold separately?

  • Tarana RN Mounting Kit (35-0128-001)
  • Tarana PoE injector 40-60 VDC, 1.5A (44-0017-001)
  • Tarana Power Cord - US (50-0012-001)

License Upgrades

  • Perpetual
    • Uncapped (25-0051-001)
  • Software, Management and Support
    • 1-Year (25-0056-001)
    • 3-Year (25-0057-001)
    • 5-Year (25-0058-001)

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