Increasing Digital Equity with a Massive Network Overhaul

Posted: April 19, 2022

Despite the fact that connectivity technology has evolved tremendously over the last decade, a lack of digital equity remains a major concern for many governing entities. One such entity that is actively pursuing a greater level of digital equity is the Yakama Nation.

The Yakama Nation is a Washington State Native American conglomerate of tribes. While the tribe previously had a 5GHz fixed wireless network in place, the quality of service was not sufficient for the needs of residents or businesses operating within the community. The existing hardware supporting the network was the primary deficiency needing to be addressed.

This subpar equipment meant that the network could not handle a large volume of customer connections.

In order to remedy these internet service concerns, Yakama Nation Networks – an organization committed to providing high-speed internet to families and businesses in the Yakama Nation – partnered with Last Mile Gear, an internet service provider that specializes in designing and deploying custom wireless networks.

Their partnership with Yakama Nation Networks was the subject of a recent case study by Cambium Networks. The study analyzed the overall effectiveness of the new network, while also highlighting the technology that made the project successful.


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Core Concerns

Avoiding prolonged network outages is a primary concern when taking on projects of this magnitude. While the client was eager to transition to a more reliable network, they needed to minimize the impact this change in services would have on its constituents.

In order to address these issues, Last Mile Gear worked closely with Yakama Nation Networks during each phase of the project. By maintaining open lines of communication with one another, the two parties were able to formulate a plan that would facilitate a smooth transition to the new service.

Deadline constraints were another major barrier that needed to be addressed for the overall success of the project. The client’s existing internet service quality was so poor that many users were experiencing frequent connection interruptions. Yakima Nation needed to know that the new network could be deployed as rapidly as possible.


Last Mile Gear’s Proposed Solution

Last Mile Gear and Yakama Nation Networks devised a robust wireless broadband solution that was centered around Cambium Networks technologies. Last Mile Gear selected Cambium 3GHz 450m access points as the primary multipoint network component. These access points were strategically deployed throughout the client’s service area for maximum coverage.

Paired with the access points, Last Mile Gear deployed Cambium Networks 450b subscriber modules. Together, these products create a strong, fast, and very stable network.

To ensure that the proposed solution would exceed the client’s expectations, Last Mile Gear performed a trial run. During this testing phase, they deployed a single Cambium 450m access point and several subscriber modules. Brining the test networks online, they were able to obtain real-world performance data to assess design predictions.

Last Mile Gear used this data, making minor adjustments to its deployment plan, to optimize network performance.

Once Last Mile Gear and Yakama Nation Networks were satisfied with the results of the trial deployment, they began a full-scale rollout. Due to the flexibility of Cambium Networks technologies, they were able to complete the deployment process in only four months.


The Results

The community experienced a positive impact from the transition almost immediately. The new network provided a higher quality user experience, faster internet speeds, and more reliable connectivity.

Last Mile Gear and Yakama Nation Networks continue to monitor the performance of the network using Cambium Networks’ cnMaestro management software. This user-friendly platform provides the client with a bird’s eye view of their network at the click of a button.


Benefits of Using Cambium Networks Tech

Yakama Nation Networks was already extremely dissatisfied with the hardware installed by their existing services provider. If Last Mile Gear wanted to forge a strong relationship with the tribe, then they had to select the best wireless connectivity technology for the task at hand. That is why they chose Cambium Networks.

There are several tremendous benefits to using Cambium Networks technologies, including:



Cambium Networks management software is second to none. Their cnMaestro management tool is easy to use, which means Yakama Nation Networks can readily access information about the performance of their network at any time.

The data gathered from the management software also allows Last Mile Gear to rapidly diagnose and resolve any deficiencies that may impact the client’s quality of service.



Cambium Networks technologies are known for their durability and low total cost of ownership. These traits were especially important for the Yakama Nation Networks, as they wanted to ensure that they would receive a good return on their initial investment.


Dynamic Capabilities

The Cambium 3GHz 450m access points are a dynamic solution. These components emit a powerful signal to the users within their coverage area, which ensures that those individuals experience a reliable internet connection.


Scalable Features

Cambium Networks technologies are not just easy to manage, but they are also simple to scale. As the client’s internet service needs evolve, Last Mile Gear can augment its existing hardware with additional components. This attribute will prevent the client from having to engage in another large-scale network overhaul for years to come.


Ease of Deployment

The technologies selected by Last Mile Gear were extremely easy to deploy as well. This is evidenced by the fact that they completed the entire installation process in only four months.


Cambium Networks: The Premier Wireless Connectivity Solution

If you or your organization is searching for high-quality wireless connectivity solutions, Cambium Networks can help. Our lineup of products is designed to leverage the latest technologies in order to provide clients with a fast and reliable network.

Ready to learn more? Contact Last Mile Gear’s Certified Sales Engineers today by calling 866-230-9174, or visit us at

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