WAV LLC supplies the ICT Isolated Series 2 12 amp isolated converter. 24 VDC input voltage, 12 VDC output voltage. eCommerce Product Detail WAV

20-60V - 12V / 12 Amp Isolated Converter

SKU: ICT206012-12AI2

Price: $220.00


WAV LLC supplies the Innovative Circuit Technology isolated power converter, 24VDC input, 12VDC output, 12 amps. ICT Isolated Series 2 DC-DC converters provide fully isolated high conversion efficiency, an on/off control contact to help save energy and prolong battery life, and a 2-year warranty. The Isolated Series 2 provides the benefits of full isolation at non-isolated converter price levels.

Isolated Series 2 converters can operate from a negative or positive ground electrical system, and are ideal for applications where complete isolation is necessary between primary and secondary circuits, as well as from the chassis.

Whether for a vehicle, communications tower site or off-grid power system, Isolated Series 2 converters come with the added assurance of years of proven ICT reliability and performance.