CommScope RUCKUS Cloudpath Enrollment System

As a CommScope RUCKUS Networks Partner, you’ll gain access to Cloudpath’s easy-to-use platform for network security and policy management.

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As remote work increases and people utilize more devices for work and play, a secure, high-quality wireless connection is a necessity. The CommScope RUCKUS® Cloudpath® Enrollment System offers cloud service (or on-premises software) to enhance network security and access for all users and devices. CommScope RUCKUS Cloudpath streamlines your secure network management process while providing a seamless and high-performance experience for your customers.

CommScope RUCKUS Cloudpath Security

CommScope RUCKUS Cloudpath embeds sophisticated encryption to protect data moving between any approved device and the enabled access point. The platform examines device security during the onboarding process to ensure compliance with your organization’s security policies. Any non-compliant devices can be remediated to receive access. Because every device is paired with a user, access can also be revoked easily when necessary.

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Streamlined Onboarding and Policy Management

As more employers allow employees to use their own devices to connect to their network, it’s important to streamline this process. CommScope RUCKUS Cloudpath enables network managers to future-proof and scale networks in response to business growth while ensuring flexible policy management across the user base. Moreover, Cloudpath enables self-service onboarding for BYOD devices.

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Seamless Guest Access

Whether on-campus, at work, or in the local coffee shop, visitors want to know: “Do you have Wi-Fi?” or “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” Cloudpath delivers secure guest access—without the need for an IT help desk. Instead, guests can simply register for Internet access through a custom portal to receive login information via SMS, email, or a printed voucher. Cloudpath architecture and network management ensure guests receive a secure and high-performance connection every time.

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CommScope RUCKUS Cloudpath supports any Wi-Fi-enabled device—including headless and IoT devices—to accommodate your network needs. Additionally, the self-service process provides a simple and seamless user experience for network onboarding. After the initial connection, users do not need to re-enter credentials because Cloudpath installs a digital certificate for network authentication.

Are you ready to enhance your network security and provide guests with a seamless, secure, and high-performance wireless experience? Learn more about becoming a CommScope RUCKUS Networks Partner today.

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