The Best Wi-Fi 6 Access Points

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In today’s fast-paced and rapidly expanding world, access to information is essential for virtually all businesses and organizations. Whether in enterprise settings, retail locations, hotels, conference centers or universities, people across all industries depend on the best Wi-Fi 6 access points (APs) for a fast and reliable Internet signal that can handle an ever-increasing amount of data. 

Wi-Fi 6 expands the 802.11ac standard with increased speed, flexibility and scaling. As a result, Wi-Fi 6 can readily accommodate the growing number of mobile and IoT devices and the increasing use of cloud technologies. 

For businesses and organizations interested in upgrading to Wi-Fi 6 or adding APs to their existing Wi-Fi 6 architecture, WAV and Ruckus Networks provide Wi-Fi 6 access points with powerful BeamFlex beamforming technology. As a result, access points can better shape signals to bring reliability and performance to any high-density environment.

Best Wi-Fi 6 Access Points For Hospitality & Residences 

Multi-dwelling structures like apartments and hotels require the capacity and flexibility to handle many devices and keep residents and clients happy. As work-from-home options increase across industries, fast and reliable Internet service is more important than ever. 

Ruckus Networks offers the H350 and H550 indoor APs to bring speed and dependability to any budget.

Best Indoor Access Points For Hospitality & Residences

With two Gigabit Ethernet ports, the H350 is a wall-mounted access point that delivers. It includes patented Ruckus Networks features such as optimized performance and interference mitigation optimized for smaller operations.

H550 The H550 combines all the characteristics of the H350 in a more robust package with four Gigabit Ethernet ports to provide the best performance for even the most demanding connectivity needs.

Best Wi-Fi 6 Access Points For Enterprise, Education And Retail

In enterprise, education or retail settings, wireless connectivity has become an expectation in our daily lives. While the scale of these types of organizations can vary dramatically, a fast and reliable wireless solution is needed in both indoor and outdoor settings. 

This is why Ruckus Networks offers a wide variety of Wi-Fi 6 access points for diverse deployment scenarios.

Best Indoor Access Points For Enterprise, Education And Retail
R350 Perfect for small-scale indoor applications, the R350 brings reliable access to high-bandwidth applications and content, even under high demand. The R350 offers the same patented Ruckus Networks features for smaller venues.
R550 & R650 The R550 and R650 are ready to meet the Wi-Fi capacity demands in medium-scale office, classroom and retail environments. These APs offer four and six spatial streams at peak data rates of up to 1774 and 2974 Mbps, respectively. The R650 is also enhanced with 2.5 GbE Ethernet to eliminate backhaul bottlenecks.
R750 The first Wi-Fi 6 access point granted “Wi-Fi 6 CERTIFIED” status by the Wi-Fi Alliance, the R750 delivers high-performance indoor connectivity to large-scale operations like auditoriums, conference centers and large retail venues. The dual-band, dual-current access point offers eight spatial streams with ODFMA and MU-MIMO capabilities and manages up to 1,024 concurrent client connections with ease for reliable coverage in high-density environments.
R850 The R850 access point brings the most powerful and reliable performance to large-scale enterprises and venues. As our highest capacity dual-band and dual-current Wi-Fi 6 access point, it supports 12 spatial streams. With ODFMA and MU-MIMO capabilities, it brings ultra-powerful performance in high-density environments.
Best Outdoor Access Points For Enterprise, Education And Retail
T350 Designed with versatility in mind, the T350 access point offers proprietary Ruckus Networks technology for enhanced antenna optimization and interference avoidance to fit into any complex outdoor operation. Whether in airports, convention centers, malls or dense outdoor urban areas, the T350 offers performance at the right price in a low-profile, IP-67-rated enclosure ready for rapid deployment. Available in either omnidirectional or high-gain directional antenna variants, the T350 provides industry-leading Wi-Fi 6 performance.
T750 Built for the most demanding outdoor wireless requirements, such as stadiums and arenas, the T750 can stand up to high-density deployments. With support for eight spatial streams and ODFMA and MU-MIMO capabilities, the T750 is our most powerful outdoor wireless access point that manages up to 1,024 client connections with 2.5 GbE support to eliminate backhaul bottlenecks. The T750 manages the most intense multimedia applications like 4K video streaming with the lowest latency and extended coverage areas.

The WAV And Ruckus Networks Advantage

The best Wi-Fi 6 access points from Ruckus Networks integrate seamlessly with your operation as standalone devices with no controller support required. 

Our proprietary BeamFlex beamforming technology ensures high-quality signal paths for your deployments to maximize and sustain Wi-Fi coverage and connectivity while mitigating errors.

By partnering with WAV and Ruckus Networks, you’ll discover a better way to connect. Let our expert engineers help you determine the ideal products and services for your applications. With the largest stocking position in the market for WISP, ISP, and integration partners, we’ll deliver on your timeline.

Are you ready to add the best Wi-Fi access points to your network? Request a quote and explore becoming a Ruckus Networks partner today.

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